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order over $50.00 USA Only


If you are a retailer and would like to stock 187 Jigs, please feel to contact us for wholesale pricing. You Must have a Wholesale License.

187 jigs can set your store up on Net 30 terms with approved credit .
187 Jigs can help work with you and make projections of use, by color, to be sure that we always have stock on hand.
187 jigs can even make special colors or styles for your market. Please email us with details.


187 offers a 100% money back guarantee on any defective jigs. We also will trade out colors that are not selling for you. Retailer only pays shipping. We want our jigs in tackle boxes, not just hanging on your wall.


187 can set up your first order at Net 90, with a 100% sell thru guarantee. If at the end of 90 days you want to pull the line, no problem! Just pay shipping and return all unsold items! This is a NO loose guarantee for the retailer.